The (P.F.D.A.A.) Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, Inc. was organized in 1983 to strengthen the network of Polish dance companies in the Western world. The membership currently consists of 35 ensembles from the United States and Canada. The main goal of the PFDAA is to sponsor North American Polish folk dance festivals and serve as a central source for information regarding Polish folk music, dance, customs, and wardrobe. The success of this organization is evident in the many festivals and joint concerts that have been conducted in the USA and Canada. Our festivals are based on a combination of dance classes, social activities, and a gala concert.

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Below is a listing of previous PFDAA festivals and the city in which they were held:

1984 - Baltimore, Maryland

1985 - San Francisco, California

1987 - Boston, Massachusetts

1988 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

1990 - Long Island, New York

1991 - Detroit, Michigan

1992 - Montreal, Canada

1994 - Regional Concerts - Chicago, San Francisco, New York

1995 - San Francisco and Oakland, California

1997 - Los Angeles, California

1999 - Performing Tour of Poland

2000 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2003 - New York, New York

2005 - Performing Tour of Poland

2007 - Chicago, Illinois

2010 - Regina, Canadaa

2011 - Performing Tour of Poland

2013 - Minneapolis Workshops

For more information about the PFDAA or to inquire about having your Polish Folk dance ensemble join the association, please e-mail us at pfdaacontact@gmail.com