Membership in the Association offers a variety of benefits. One is a week long summer Dance Festival, offered in non Rzeszow festival years. Past festivals have offered our members a variety of festival sites: Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, New York, and Montreal. These festivals provide an excellent environment for meeting new people, learning new repertoires from well known instructors (primarily Poland), and the opportunity to renew and refine your ensemble’s repertoire.

Other membership benefits include discount registration fees for Festivals, the ability to participate in visiting dance instructor workshops, and a expansive audio and video library from many regions of Poland to be used for research or for your own viewing and listening pleasure.

The PFDAA also organized a performing tour of Poland in 1999, 2005, and 2011 prior to the Rzeszow Festival. As an Association, we are always striving to bring new ideas and vehicles to help gain knowledge of our Polish Folk Dance Heritage and provide participating ensembles an avenue for networking and increase their exposure. The PFDAA newsletter and website keep member groups abreast of Association activities and is an excellent means of sharing your group’s activities with the rest of the Association membership.

As you can see, membership I the Association can be a rewarding social experience and educational tool for your organization. Your initial membership fee of $125.00 (US) covers the processing of your application, newsletter, postage, etc. Annual dues are $35.00 (US) thereafter.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at

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